Hager Metering & Monitoring

A complete solution, which allows you to save space in your installation and to be connected, regardless of the measurement rating.


Simple and intuitive menus

The same level of functionality for all meters

All Hager meters enable the recovery of the following data:

  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Frequency
  • Power factor
  • Active energy and power.

If required by the ratings, it is possible to also measure more advanced parameters, such as the reactive and apparent power and energy measurements, as well as measuring the energy discharged in the network (exported energy).


All this information is saved by an internal memory in the meter.

Meter display image

Single Phase Meters

40A Direct

Single-phase 40A Direct

No communication | ECN140D

Pulsed communication ECP140D

M-bus series communication ECM140D

RS485 series communication ECR140D

80A Direct

Single-phase 80A Direct

Pulsed communication | ECP180D

M-bus series communication | ECM180D

RS485 series communication ECR180D

80A Direct

Single-phase 80A Direct (3 track)

Pulsed communication | ECP180T
M-bus series communication | ECM180T
RS485 series communication | ECR180T

Three Phase Meters

80A Direct

Three-phase 80A Direct

Pulsed communication | ECP380D
M-bus series communication | ECM380D
RS485 series communication ECR380D

125A Direct

Three-phase 125A Direct

Pulsed communication | ECP310D
M-bus series communication | ECM310D
RS485 series communication ECR310D


Three-phase via CT

Pulsed communication | ECP300C
M-bus series communication | ECM300C
RS485 series communication ECR300C


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