Our values

Since the beginning, we have been committed to you our customers.

Providing a product that is not only high quality but is safe has always been our main focus. 

Our values are part of who we are 

Holding onto traditional family values, we embrace putting our employees first. Not only are these values stated throughout the site walls, but they are put into action through empowering employees, supporting their passions outside of work, and always maintaining a positive and professional relationship with customers. With this approach, we have fostered a versatile culture that promotes growth and development, by encouraging employees to accomplish their personal and professional goals.


Being eco-friendly and giving back to the local community is also part of our culture at Hager. For the past 10 years, we have raised a total of £26,813.87 for Severn Hospice, a local charity that cares for people living with an incurable disease. Additionally, we work with Canine Partners, a charity that aims to change the lives of people with physical disabilities by providing them with an assistance dog. This gives individuals a greater quality of life by providing them with a form of security and assistance with everyday tasks around the house. These charities are ones that employees hold close to their heart and one that we are proud to support. 


In addition, contributing to a cleaner and safer planet has guided packaging designs and behaviour conduct at Hager since the beginning. We make an effort to reduce the amount of packaging we use for our products as well as ensure we are using a material that can be recycled. We recognise the importance of being environmentally conscious and have placed recycling bins throughout the office, to encourage employees to recycle items and dispose of waste ethically. 


Through commitment and dedication, we are the proud recipient of the Investors in People: Silver Award. This reinforces the value we place on taking time to invest in our employees and their success.