A uniform classification for technical products, ETIM has revolutionised the way data is consumed, making this process for the electrical industry more time efficient. 


A standard that simplifies.

Classification for technical product information

A standard for the classification of technical product data, ETIM has grown globally over the past 25 years, eliminating the hassle of wholesalers having to manually convert new product data and resulting in businesses saving time and money.

It is an open standard for the classification of technical product data that removes ambiguity and ensures that all users of the product data are using the same terms to describe the same attributes and values.  Use of this common Standard removes inefficiency in the supply chain and helps transition objectives for online trading.  

Its use has expanded across borders and is in place today in multiple languages in 18 countries across the world, including the USA and Canada.  The classification was initially applied to electrical installation products, but is now also used to encompass heating, ventilation and plumbing categories, as well as general building products.

Find out more about ETIM in this simple video