Who we are

Courage, persistence and passion...

Coming from humble beginnings, two brothers, Herman and Oswald Hager had the ambitious dream of shaping the future of the electrical industry in a way that provided individuals with a safer, cleaner and a more enjoyable tomorrow.

Who We Are

UK Factory

The UK factory is responsible for manufacturing energy distribution boards and tailored solutions. 

Established in the UK in 1993, the factory was originally a concrete manufacturing plant that rapidly grew as the demand for products increased. The warehouse that originally housed 3 assembly lines for plastic consumer units transformed over time to a lights out manufacturing site with over 170 employees. 

Today, the UK factory occupies a 17025 RTL level 4 Asta recognised lab, with two Asta observers where testing of up to 4,000 amps is conducted.  


UK Factory


Hager Careers

At Hager we are convinced that people are the key to our success. Our employees are well prepared for their new positions, competencies are developed through a systematic training and qualification process.



Counterfeiting not only concerns luxury items of today, but covers all kind of products; (fashion, sports, toys, food, drugs & aeronautics etc), including electrical products, where the safety of people is paramount.



Hager Academy is a place where contractors and customers can develop their skills by taking expert courses while receiving hands on training. 


We have the tools and experts on hand to ensure you can get all your questions answered.  Our tech team is also available via phone to answer any technical questions that come up.