Hagercad is a fully integrated, electrical planning software from Hager, offering maximum simplicity, speed, reliability and flexibility. 

It allows you to document and design your complex electrical planning projects in an easy to use environment.


Key features

The project editor as project manager: Lets you keep an eye on everything at all times. You can see just how well it works as soon as you create a new project. And by the time you get to the planning phase, you'll wonder how you ever managed without the numerous practical, logically linked functions.


Lets look at other great key features of hagercad.pro


Build, import and manager your materials lists for your project. hagercad.pro

Materials section allows you to separate your materials by enclosures and location.

Wiring diagrams

Develop single or multi-line wiring diagrams with use by using the hagercad.pro's assisted mode.

If you want to manually create your diagram, we've also got you covered with manual mode and symbol editor.


Visualise your enclosures down to the minutest detail. Compare the individual elements such as transparent doors or bases in 2D and 3D views, rotate the cabinet in the room – layout planning can be this simple


Producing clear quotations is key for customers. In hagercad.pro you can quote as a simple list of materials or produces quotes by enclosure or even by location.

How to install and activate hagercad.pro

Hagercad.pro is free to use and only needs to be activated after an initial 30 day period.

Downloading and activating your software is simple and can be done by following these steps.

Download and install

hagercad.pro is free to download and use. Use the download button opposite to get started!

Generate you activation code

When you have used hagercad.pro for 30 days you will be asked to add a license key to activate the software.

To claim your free activation code, click the 'Code request' button, log in to your myHager account and generate your code.

Activating hagercad.pro

Now that you have your activation code, return to your hagercad.pro and copy the code to the activation field and press Validate. 


Additional features

Start anywhere

Designed to be efficient and flexible to suit your style of work, hagercad.pro allows you to start adding products to projects in Materials, Diagrams, Enclosures or Quotations sections.


Custom document templates

Produce professional tender documents using your own company brand with the build in document template editor.

Customer relationship management

Adding customer, partner and colleague information to hagercad.pro will help clearly show who is supporting your projects and tailor information to match your customer needs.

Print labels with custom values

Create and customise labels for your consumer units and enclosures.

In the label customiser, you can change font type, colour and size and background colour to match your colour coding requirements.

Symbol editor

Symbol editors have been added to hagercad.pro to accommodate your specific needs and any additional products.

Designs can be created manually or by importing a DWG file to get started.

Use multiple price lists

Staying price competitive on projects is key aspect of the tending process. In hagercad.pro, you can add multiple product prices list from your commercial partners and simply switch between them to see what works best for your customer.

hagercad.pro support

Step-by-step guides to using hagercad.pro

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