Design Range Consumer Units

Our Design range of consumer units includes surface, dual row and flush options, with multiple solutions based around application requirements. Whether the unit is required simply for functionality or whether aesthetics are to be considered, we have the right solution for you.

Design Install

Our range of
Consumer Units

Designed for safety, installation and aesthetics.

Hager Consumer Unit

Design 10

Design 10 is our board for all applications. As with all models in the range, there is ample cable space available even when RCBOs are fitted. The top mounted terminal rail makes the wiring of the neutral and earth connections neat and simple. Multiple fixing points, and a full metal DIN rail ensure the devices sit square.



  • Square or Round Knockouts
  • Cable Clamp (Available as an accessory)
  • Cable Protector Plate (Available as an accessory)
  • Grommet Strip
  • Dual Row Options
  • Flush Fitting options
Hager Consumer Unit

Design 30

Design 30 is our enhanced consumer unit, created to be more aesthetically pleasing whilst including extra features to ease installation.Design 30 comes with a cable clamp installed and rear cable entry plate supplied, which allows for incoming meter tails to be safely secured. 



  • Square Knockouts
  • Cable Clamp
  • Cable Protector Plate
  • Grommet Strip
  • Dual Row Options
  • Locate & Hold Cover
Hager Consumer Unit

Design 50

Design 50 focuses on clean aesthetics and a flush fit for seamless integration into any home. Design 50 comes with all the installation features you would expect from us, such as an incoming cable clamp and cable protector plate, as well as a series of colour options, finishes & sizes. There’s a Design 50 for any home environment.



  • Square Knockouts
  • Cable Clamp
  • Cable Protector Plate
  • Grommet Strip
  • Flush Fitting
  • Decorative finishes and colour selections

Benefits and features 
Functional, stylish, and innovative

Our Design Range of consumer units provide an exceptional option for any home. 

Hager cable plates

Cable Entry Protector Plates

The cable protector plate is quick to install and provides an enhanced method for bringing cables into the rear of the consumer unit. (Designed to fit with any of our boards with square knockouts)

Hager distribution board

Locate & Hold Cover

Locates and holds the cover in location during installation, reducing the risk of damage and leaving both hands free to fix the cover to the base (only available on Design 30).

Design Lock

The optional health & safety lock provides the ability to isolate circuits and secure the consumer unit prior to occupation of property. (Design 30 and Design 50 boards can be locked)

Cable Clamp

Prevents any movement of meter tails being transmitted to the terminals of the main switch. (Supplied as standard with Design 30, Design 10 flush and Design 50 boards)

Cable Entry Protector Plates

Bringing surface mounted cables into a consumer unit provides challenges for installers. Cable containment, the number of cables and the ability to achieve the required IP rating all need to be considered.

Our knockouts on Design range boards are positioned at the correct distance from the wall to accommodate common sizes of trunking. We designed them to be rectangular to provide the maximum cable capacity and be aligned with the shape of trunking.

We provide cable entry plate solutions for all of our consumer unit knockouts.

  1. Top Wall Cable Protector

    Can be drilled out to allow the entry of 20mm fittings. The rear of the plate is moulded to secure the locknut.


  2. Top Wall Cable Protector Plate

    Allows safe protection for the maximum number of circuits to enter the consumer unit.


  3. Meter Tail Cable Protector Plate

    Solid plate to allow installer to choose the size and shape of the aperture required.


  4. Meter Tail Cable Protector Plate

    This cable protector plate comes with open apertures for two 25mm² meter tails and one 16mm² CPC.


Consumer Units and the 18th Edition

Changes to the wiring regulations with the release of the 18th Edition of BS 7671:2018 were published in July 2018 and come into effect on 1st January 2019. These regulations have a significant impact on the design of residential electrical installations.


A significant number of these changes concern the consumer unit and incorporated devices. As always, Hager are ahead of the pack with solutions for any 18th edition installations.

Read more about the 18th edition here

18th Edition Key Topics

The 18th edition was released in January 2019 and introduced a number of changes to the wiring regulations.
Below are what we believe to be the biggest topics.

Surge Protection

Surge Protection

With everyday activities relying on electronic equipment, the whole nature of how electrical equipment is used in homes has evolved. The 18th Edition has introduced changes to better protect homes from electrical surges.

Types of RCD

Types of RCDs

RCDs exist in various different forms and react differently depending on the presence of DC components or different frequencies. We recommend the use of Type A RCDs.


Arc Fault Detection

Arc fault protection devices (AFDD) use microprocessors to identify characteristic current flow and voltage curves that indicate an arc fault and automatically trip the affected circuit. The 18th Edition of BS 7671, recommends the use of these to provide additional protection against fire.

Overload Protection

Overload Protection

The 18th Edition prescribes that overload protection of the switch or RCCB shall not solely be based on the use of diversity factors of the downstream circuits, as they may have been prior to the 18th Edition.

Design 30 Consumer Unit Installation Video

Please note, since the video was made we have introduced cable entry plates for both the top and bottom knockouts.


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