Ensuring Safety With Design 30 Consumer Unit

Design 30 is our enhanced consumer unit, created to be more aesthetically pleasing while including some extra features to further ease installation.

Design 30 consumer unit

Safety & Ease of Installation | Hager Design 30 Consumer Unit

Our Design Range of Consumer Units have been developed to provide the installer with a solution that is quick and easy to fit, leading to saving time and cost on site. Design 30 is our enhanced consumer unit, created to be more aesthetically pleasing while including some extra features to further ease installation.   


The pre-installed cable clamp secures meter tails with a single screw, ensuring that connections to the main switch terminals remain as tight and secure as you left them. 

Ease of Installation  

As standard, ample cable space is provided. Our reduced height RCBO (up to 32A) is similar in height to an MCB, providing an easier installation where lack of cabling space can be a challenge. 


Our health & safety lock kit and padlock provides the ability to isolate circuits and secure the consumer unit prior to the occupation of a property. This is achieved with the use of the health & safety bracket (VMHBL) and padlock (JK25A). When the lock is removed, the retained cover can simply be clicked back into place. 

From 2 to 40 Ways 

With the ability to accommodate from 2 to 40 ways, Design 30 has a solution for all requirements. These may include a board with many protected circuits, either MCB or RCBO, the installation of surge protection, metering or building automation. 

Peace-of-mind For Homeowners 

The 18th Edition regulations state that all new build properties should have surge protection unless a risk assessment is carried out by electrical contractors to look at the likelihood of lightning strikes and other geographical factors that could result in short, disruptive and excessive voltage levels. The risk of such occurrences can adversely affect properties and their contents such as electrical devices like laptops, and TVs. 

Hager & Taylor Wimpey

Coming from our 20-year partnership, we teamed up with Taylor Wimpey, to work with them on ensuring safety remains a top priority for the owners of the developers’ new build homes following the latest industry regulation changes. 

A spokesperson for Taylor Wimpey, comments: “By taking the strategic decision to install 18th Edition-ready consumer units into all of our new build homes where initial construction has started after January 2019, we are able to assure our new homeowners that their property and valuable items are better protected from unpredictable surges in voltage. We also take the pressure off electrical contractors.  They no longer have to make the decision around the suitability of surge protection for a home following the risk assessment.  They can simply get on with the installation. 

“Our long-standing relationship with Hager means we are totally confident we are specifying a quality, high performing solution thanks to the Design 30 consumer unit.” 

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Design 30

Design 30 is our enhanced consumer unit, created to be more aesthetically pleasing whilst including extra features to ease installation.

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