Selection Of Types Of RCD

RCD's ex­ist in vari­ous dif­fer­ent forms and re­act dif­fer­ently de­pend­ing on the pres­ence of DC com­pon­ents or dif­fer­ent fre­quen­cies.

The fol­low­ing RCD's are avail­able with the re­spect­ive sym­bols and the de­signer or in­staller is re­quired to se­lect the ap­pro­pri­ate device for the spe­cific ap­plic­a­tion.


RCD Test­ing

When should Type AC RCD be used?

Gen­eral pur­pose use, RCD can de­tect & re­spond to AC si­nus­oidal wave only.


When should type A RCD be used?

Equip­ment in­cor­por­at­ing elec­tronic com­pon­ents RCD can de­tect & re­spond as for type AC, PLUS pulsat­ing DC com­pon­ents.


When should type F RCD be used?

Equip­ment with fre­quency con­trolled speed drives RCD can de­tect & re­spons as for type A, PLUS high fre­quency re­sid­ual cur­rent.


When should type B RCD be used?

Elec­tric vehicle char­gers, PV sup­plies.

RCD can de­tect & re­spond for type F, PLUS smooth DC re­sid­ual cur­rent.


RCD's & Their Loads


Types of Load       

Type AC                 

Resistive, capacitive, inductive loads
Im­mer­sion heater, oven / hob with res­ist­ive heat­ing ele­ments, elec­tric shower, tung­sten / halo­gen light­ing

Type A

Single phase with electronic components
Single phase in­vert­ers, class 1 IT & mul­ti­me­dia equip­ment, power sup­plies for class 2 equip­ment, ap­pli­ances such as wash­ing ma­chines, light­ing con­trols, in­duc­tion hobs & EV char­ging

Type F

Frequency controlled equipment
Ap­pli­ances con­tain­ing syn­chron­ous mo­tors, some class 1 power tools, some air con­di­tion­ing con­trol­lers us­ing vari­able fre­quency speed drives

Type B

Three phase electronic equipment
In­vert­ers for speed con­trol, ups, EV char­ging where DC fault cur­rent is >6mA, PV




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