New Bridge Street

The electrical installation at 6-7 New Bridge Street has used our 7 Pin lighting control system and electrical distribution boards. Burgin Contracting has achieved a 70% time saving on an electrical installation for prestigious central London offices by using our Klik 7 Pin.
New Bridge Street Case Study

New Bridge Street | Lighting Connection System  

The electrical installation at 6-7 New Bridge Street has used our Klik 7 Pin lighting control system and electrical distribution boards. Burgin Contracting has achieved a 70 percent time saving on an electrical installation for prestigious central London offices by using Klik 7 Pin.

The installation at 6-7 New Bridge Street in Central London has used Klik 7 Pin from the distribution boards right through to final luminaires and lighting control. The prefabricated wiring system also provides power to fan coil units throughout the seven-storey building.

Andy Collinge, electrical operations manager for Burgin stated "The system has saved us significant time in the first fix because there are fewer hard-wired connections to make. This labour-saving translates into a cost saving on the job making us more competitive in the tender.

"In addition, there will be significant savings when it comes to inspection and testing since the system has been designed and manufactured in a factory controlled environment, so it has been pretested. This, in turn, means that there should be fewer faults finding before we hand over the completed job and then reduced snagging afterwards."

"The sys­tem has saved us sig­ni­fic­ant time in the first fix be­cause there were fewer hard wired con­nec­tions to make."

Andy Collinge, Electrical Operations Manager for Burgin 

Bur­gin Con­tract­ing used 11 of our In­victa 3 TP&N elec­trical dis­tri­bu­tion boards; three of these boards are for the land­lord’s sup­plies and 8 for ten­ants. The dual elec­trical dis­tri­bu­tion boards are all MID metered for both light­ing and power to meet Part L2 and with MID ap­proval can be used for billing ten­ants if the land­lord chooses to do so.

The multi core home run cables from these boards sup­ply area dis­tri­bu­tion boards (ADBs) in the ceil­ing void. These in turn are con­nec­ted into light­ing mar­shalling boxes (LMBs) via link leads. The lu­min­aires then plug into the mar­shalling boxes as do the oc­cu­pancy sensors that provide the light­ing con­trol.

The oc­cu­pancy sensors switch the light­ing on in re­sponse to pres­ence and then switch the lu­min­aires off after a time out period where there is no fur­ther pres­ence de­tec­ted. The oc­cu­pancy sensors also con­tain a pho­to­cell so that the lu­min­aires switch off if the avail­able nat­ural light is above a set level.

To en­sure that the pre­fab­ric­ated wir­ing sys­tem com­plied with all of the rel­ev­ant stand­ards and reg­u­la­tions, we de­signed the sys­tem us­ing our be­spoke soft­ware pack­age. This pro­duced a fully cal­cu­lated design, which in­cluded draw­ings, elec­trical cal­cu­la­tions, test in­form­a­tion and de­liv­ery sched­ules.

"All of the products were de­livered com­plete with draw­ings that de­tail ex­actly what leads should be used where. All of the cables are la­belled, so there was no prob­lem in identi­fy­ing the cables which are used for in­di­vidual con­nec­tions, so hu­man er­ror was min­im­ised." stated Andy Collinge.

As a man­u­fac­turer who sup­plies elec­trical dis­tri­bu­tion boards, a light­ing in­stall­a­tion and con­trol sys­tem and wir­ing ac­cessor­ies, we can provide all of the ele­ments needed for a pre­fab­ric­ated wir­ing sys­tem. This min­im­ises the prob­lems that a con­tractor might have on site in li­ais­ing with sev­eral man­u­fac­tur­ers, whilst main­tain­ing all of the time sav­ing be­ne­fits they would ex­pect from a pre­fab­ric­ated wir­ing sys­tem.

In ad­di­tion to this, our be­spoke Klik 7 Pin soft­ware does all of the ne­ces­sary cal­cu­la­tions, such as im­ped­ance, cable siz­ing and voltage drop, which are re­quired for com­pli­ance with BS 7671. This val­id­ates the design and pro­tects the con­tractor in design and build op­er­a­tions.

Products used in this case study

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Klik Lighting Connection | 7 Pin

An evolution of the popular Klik range, 7 Pin combines all the features of Kilk 4 Pin, together with connection to standard, digital and emergency luminaires, giving greater control over light levels via occupancy sensors, daylight dimming and DALI control.


Hybrid Distribution Board

The Hybrid Distribution Board combines 2x Triple Pole ways of 27mm MCB devices to supply end loads up to 125A, with standard 18mm MCB/RCBO's for other smaller loads. 

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