Lighting Connection

Klik is the lighting connection system for all your lighting designs

Established in the UK in the 1980s with its innovative 4 Pin plug & socket, installers have come to know and love Klik for its speed & ease of installation. Through Klik 4 & Klik 7, the range has continued to evolve to meet the changing needs of modern lighting connection systems

Klik Lighting Connection

Advantages of Klik
Just Klik and forget

From start to finish

With its pre-wired plugs, Klik saves time on site, eliminates the chance of poor connections and allows for the system to adapt as needs change.
Simultaneous mechanical & electrical connection provides installers with complete confidence in the system.

Design for Klik


Utilising the benefits of pre-fabricated wiring systems with a flexible design, Klik can adapt to meet any requirements. Its pluggable system ensures no complications will arise with future refurbishments as lights can be relocated quickly and easily.


Install for Klik


The Klik connector system brings plug-in convenience and versatility to lighting with absolute safety.
The unique design prevents any unwanted disconnections due to load on cables or vibrations.


Use for Klik


With a range of settings for daylight linked dimming, occupancy sensing and DALI control, there’s a Klik solution for any scenario. Klik is a truly fit and forget lighting connection system.

Adapt for Klik


Traditional lighting systems struggle to adapt when a building or office space needs to change. With Klik, adapting to a new layout is as easy as plugging in.

Klik Black

Hide in plain sight

In­tro­du­cing Klik Black, de­liv­er­ing a low vis­ib­il­ity solu­tion, al­low­ing the light­ing con­nec­tion sys­tem of a build­ing to hide in plain sight. This gives an even wider ap­plic­a­tion range to in­stallers and build­ing man­agers.

Discover the products
of our Klik range

A modern lighting connection & control system

Klik's prefabricated wiring system and adaptable design makes installation a quick and easy process. 


Klik 7 Marshalling Box

Marshalling boxes allow the connection and control of multiple luminaries and come in sizes from 4 to 12 ways.


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Klik 7 Ceiling Roses

7 pole conduit box/surface connector to allow the easy connection of digital lighting within traditional fixed wire installations. 


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Klik 7 Plugs

Connections to the luminaires are made via pre-wired plugs and leads. All leads are factory tested to standard BS 7211. 


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Klik 4 Pin Marshalling Box

Klik 4 Marshalling Box

Klik 4 marshalling boxes are used in conjunction with Klik plugs to connect luminaries within an area. 


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Hager Klik 4 Pin Ceiling Roses

4 Pin Ceiling Roses

Plug-in ceiling roses offer a connection for luminaries allowing them be connected and disconnected under load. 


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Hager occupancy sensor

Motion & Presence Detectors

We offer a range of motion detector and occupancy sensors for flush or surface mounting.


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What Klik can do for you

Over 75% of existing lighting installations are thought to be out of date and unable to meet current design standards.

The Klik 7 Pin range combines all the features of Klik 4 Pin while providing an energy efficient system that meets current design requirements.Additionally, Klik can take into account the usage and function of a space, responding to daylight levels as well as occupancy and footfall.

Features of Klik

The many benefits of using Klik

Klik is an energy efficient system that meets current design standards and takes into account the usage and function of a space. Additionally, it responds to daylight levels as well as occupancy and footfall. 

Klik features

Safe Onload Connection

Luminaires can be connected in seconds in absolute safety, without circuit isolation, as all live contacts are inaccessible and the earth connection is made before any other.

Klik feature

Electro Mechanical Connection

All Klik plugs feature a unique plug-in method which achieves a simultaneous mechanical and electrical connection.

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Occupancy Sensing

Our range of occupancy sensors can provide presence and absence control of lighting, whilst also including photocells for lux level detection, providing energy savings by switching lights on or off depending on available natural light.

DALI Control

DALI (digital addressable lighting interface) is a two-way communication system that brings digital technology to lighting. Our 7 pin Klik products offer full compatibility with DALI control solutions.

Trimming of Lux Level

DALI based occupancy sensors enable trimming of lux levels at commissioning stage to ensure optimum final lighting levels, providing perfect lighting conditions for the space.

Daylight Link

Klik allows for automatic lighting control which can provide energy savings by not operating when sufficient light levels exist.

Application 1
Office with no natural light

Sensor Settings: Presence

Lux sensor used: No

Wall switching: None - auto only

  • Two KLMB/KLDS marshalling boxes
  • No natural light
  • Standard or digital luminaires
  • Auto on when entering room
  • 20 Minute time out when vacant
Hager Klik application

Application 2
Office with windows on two sides

Sensor Settings: Presence

Lux sensor used: Yes

Wall switching: Optional

  • One dual supply KLMB marshalling boxes & one standard KLMB box
  • Auto on when entering room
  • Natural light on two sides
  • Digital luminaires adjacent to windows - standard or digital luminaires elsewhere
  • 2 x digital sensors & 1 x standard sensor.
  • 20 minute time out when vacant

Application 3
Klik connection with 3rd party control

Sensor Settings: Presence

Lux sensor used: Optional

Wall switching: Optional

  • Two KLMB marshalling boxes
  • Natural light on one side
  • Digital luminaires
  • Auto on when entering room
  • 3rd Party head-end lighting control/supervisory system

Klik LCM
Lighting Control Module

Klik LCM's enable the control of an area with up to 4 different control groups. Each group of outputs can control standard switched and/or digital dimmable (DALI/DSI) luminaires. The control module can be connected to up to 4 occupancy sensors and up to 4 wall switch overrides (double retractive, centre off). Any switch or occupancy sensor can be assigned to any output. This is all programmed via the KlikLink App.

Klik image

Comparison between
Klik 7 and Klik 4

Klik 7 Pin provides all the benefits of a lighting connection system including emergency lighting and dimming functionality.

Klik 4 is a modular plug-in marshalling solution for lighting systems that provides simultaneous mechanical and electrical connection in one click-in action.

Find out which version of Klik is right for you.