Commercial Distribution

As needs in the market change over the years, so do our products. We've adapted our boards to allow for more outgoing ways, more RCD protection, more metering and surge protection .

Commercial Distribution

The Range

Type A & B Distribution Boards

Our Invicta 3 Type B Boards have been developed as the solution for commercial installations. The whole nature of electrical sub and final distribution for commercial installations has changed in recent years, with demands for more outgoing ways, more RCD protection, more metering and more control devices.

Hager panelboard


Invicta 3 Panelboards are incredibly easy to install, the pan assembly, door and front cover can all be removed to make the product lighter when fixing to the wall. Keyhole slots and a central fifth keyhole fixing point make fitting and levelling the board even simpler.

Metering devices

Metering & Monitoring

Our range of incoming device options and scale-able energy metering options ensure specific application requirements a met. Easy to specify and install, Hager metered Distribution board options create scale-able solutions for typical commercial building applications.

Protection Devices

Switch Disconnector, MCCB and RCCB incomers are available. In addition, 4 Pole changeover units are available for 125A Type B boards. Outgoing devices for MCB boards also include a wide range of RCBO devices covering 10mA, 30mA and 100mA applications in B and C curve.

Invicta 3 TP&N

Invicta 3 Type B boards have been designed for safe and simple installation, with features to benefit both installer and end-user.

Take a look below to see all of the features we have designed in and how this is going to make installing a distribution board so much easier.

TP&N Board

  1. Obround Trunking Cable Entry

    Unique trunking entry obround system top and bottom

    enables quick fitting to trunking and without the extra cost

    in time and materials. The edge is curved, ready to bring

    cables in without the worry of sharp edges.

    Commercial distribution
  2. Metering

    A number of metering options provide a scalable solution

    to energy monitoring. Type B Distribution boards are also

    available with dual channel meters for separate monitoring

    of Power and lighting loads. A metered three section Type

    B board is also available to monitor Power and lighting and Mechanical services.

    Metering | Commercial Distribution
  3. Aesthetics

    Strong board aesthetics ideal for commercial offices, health care and education projects where boards may be sited in public areas.

    Commercial distribution board
  4. Shrouded Neutral Bar

    Clear shrouded neutral bar to IP2X allows the contractor to install cables without removing the shroud. Ensures safe and easy installation.

Invicta Type B Hybrid Distribution Board

With standard MCB / RCBO based Electrical Distribution boards being limited to a maximum circuit rating of 63A, our Hybrid Distribution board provides a compact solution for Electrical Distribution and sits somewhere between an MCCB Panelboard and a TP&N Distribution board.

Aimed primarily at small commercial building applications, the solution provides protection and control for a small number of outgoing circuits up to 125A, with the majority of circuits still manged via standard MCB’s / RCBO’s.




Two 3 phase loads of up to 125A or six single phase loads can be served from this TP&N Board with 27mm miniature circuit breakers. In the correct application, this can replace the need for a separate MCCB panelboard.



The larger 80-125A MCB devices, whilst providing short circuit and overload protection, also give a disconnection point for downstream circuits (Isolation). This ensures that there are no unprotected outgoing connections from the busbar system.



Standard MCBs & RCBOs, meter packs and other common accessories are available from our 250A TP&N board range, giving you the same installation experience across the range.



Larger Earth and Neutral connection points for larger cables are included as standard.

Metered power and lighting board

Metered Power & Lighting Board

Monitoring Power and light loads separately to create a better understanding of the where electricity is being consumed. The Hager Power and lighting boards employ dual channel meters and are supplied with the main incoming device pre-installed.

Our board is available as standard in a variety of configurations and sizes to suit most applications up to 24TP ways. A Tri-metered TPN board is also available as standard, where separate monitoring of Power, Lighting and Mechanical services loads is required.



Energy Saving

Energy Saving

Installing and monitoring meters leads to savings of 5-10% of the energy being metered. For example, a meter that identifies pumps being left on for 24hrs, seven days a week, may save 60% of energy passing through if the pump is only used when required.

Building Regulations

Building Regulations

The Building Regulations 2010 & approved document L2 recognise the valuable role of metering and include requirements of sub-metering in buildings other than dwellings.



There are many options to monitor energy consumption. Direct metering, measurement and estimation should all be considered.



Metering helps building occupiers understand how energy is being used and lets them see the patterns of where and when energy is consumed. Useful trends can be shown in the data produced.

Case Studies | Commercial Distribution

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