Flying Start

Using the building automation system, our electrical solution combines the building’s intruder alarm system with shutters that secure all of the windows and doors.

Flying Start

Flying Start | Building Automation 

Vale of Glamorgan county council is using our building automation system to provide an intelligent security solution for its Flying Start family centre in Barry.

The social services’ building is in the middle of a housing estate and provides support for local families and their children. 

Using the building automation system, our solution combines the building’s intruder alarm system with shutters that secure all of the windows and doors. 

Staff in the reception area can operate certain groups of shutters, while shutters in individual rooms can be opened and closed using local switches. Any shutters that are left open at the end of the day will be closed when the intruder alarm is set. 

Deactivating the intruder alarm will also raise the security shutters over the main entrance to allow entry and also all of the shutters over emergency exits for safety. 

Our building automation system communicates with other manufacturer’s KNX products via a single twisted pair cable, radio frequency, a power line or via IP/Ethernet. The system avoids the multiple cabling that would be needed from alternative systems and is easily changed without the need for new cabling. 

We have also supplied all of the electrical distribution boards for the building and the lighting installation and control using Klik 7 pin

The lighting control design maximises energy savings from the centre. In areas where there is natural light available, our klik 7 pin occupancy sensors have an integral photocell so that the lights can dim up and down in response to both presence detection and also any natural light that is available from windows. In rooms, without natural light, the luminaires will switch on and off in response to simple occupancy sensors.

While Klik 7 pin can be incorporated into a KNX system, using a KNX version of its occupancy sensor for added control, in this instance it has been used as a standalone system.

Products used in this case study

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Lighting Control System | Klik 7 Pin

Klik is a secure lighting and control connection system that provides simultaneous mechanical and electrical connection in one plug-in action.


Building Automation | KNX System

 Hager's KNX system can provide more convenience and safety coupled with lower energy consumption, which can be achieved by intelligent control and monitoring of all products involved.

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