Sollysta Wiring Accessories

Our Sollysta White Moulded, Decorative, Grid, IP66 and Metalclad wiring accessories provide a full package of solutions for any project.

Sollysta’s hallmark features run consistently throughout the range, including the unique neutral loop terminal on the switch, moulded cable lead ins, captive and backed off terminal screws and the patented three pin shutter mechanism on the sockets for additional safety.

Sollysta Wiring Accessories

Sollysta White Moulded

The Sollysta White Moulded switch range is one of the easiest on the market to install, and with the shallow back-projection more cabling space is offered.

Behind the faceplate, the terminals face in the same direction with lead-ins for wiring, backed off screws held captive to prevent loss, wire end stops and clear white labelling off a dark grey background.

The wall switches are also the market's first with a neutral loop terminal built into the accessory. This allows the installer to complete the loop connection in the switch instead of in the ceiling rose.

Sollysta Decorative

The high-quality modern finishes that are available within the Sollysta decorative range fit seamlessly into any
setting and come with all the installation features of the white moulded variant such as a neutral loop terminal, cable lead in’s and the three pin shutter mechanism.

Available in both raised and flat plate options, the range offers you the flexibility to follow the design cues within the building making them perfect for any application.

Sollysta brushed steel

Brushed Steel

Available with white or black inserts.

Polished Steel

Available with white or black inserts.
Sollysta Black Nickel

Black Nickel

Available with black inserts.

Advantages of Sollysta
for installers

Across the range

Sollysta was designed from the start to be the easiest on the market to install. We've kept these hallmark
features across the range to ensure that no matter what you're installing, it's always a simple job.

Design for Klik


Terminals all face in the same direction, removing the need to rotate the product during installation. Screws are also backed out to save installation time and captive so they don't get lost.

Install for Klik


Moulded lead-ins help to guide the driver blade to the screw head easier. A simple feature that makes a huge difference.

Wire End Stops

A positive wire end stop provides added security of connection.


Adapt for Klik


The range has been designed to offer the shallowest projection possible in the back box, maximising space for cabling.


Manufactured from a tough and durable thermoplastic, the Sollysta IP66 range is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications where wiring accessories may be vulnerable to the potentially harmful effects of dust or water ingress.

Our IP66 range features secure and easy to remove knockouts for cable entries, a unique dual-action hinge and a 5mm padlock to prevent unauthorised use..

Sollysta Wiring Accessories

USB double socket

Our USB double sockets are not only available in white moulded and grey, but in 3 finishes; brushed steel, polished steel and black nickel.


Sollysta USB sockets offer intelligent connection to allow any USB device to charge at high speed.



Sollysta Metalclad has been specifically designed to combine both durability and aesthetics without compromising on functionality.

Manufactured from high grade galvanised steel and finished with a durable epoxy powder coating, Sollysta Metalclad features faceplates which overlap the lip of the back box and sit flush to the back box edge for a smooth high quality finish. Installation is made easy with a strong two tab knock out which can be cleanly removed without deforming the box wall.

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