18th Edition:
Bitesize Guide 

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This guide highlights a few key topics that you need to know regarding the upcoming
changes with the new 18th Edition wiring regulations.


  • Protection Against Fire Caused by Electrical Equipment
  • Selection of Compatible Devices Within an Assembly
  • Overload Protection of RCCB’s Switches etc.
  • Selection of Types of RCD
  • Supporting of Cables Against Premature Collapse
  • Protection Against Transient Overvoltages of Atmospheric Origin or Due to Switching
  • Protection Against Electric Shock


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Surge Protection

A transient overvoltage or surge is a short duration increase in voltage measured between two or more conductors. In short this means anything from microseconds (millionths of a second) to a few milliseconds (thousandths of a second) in duration.

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Selection of RCD Types

RCD's exist in various different forms and react differently depending on the presence of DC components or different frequencies.

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Overload Protection

Devices such as switches, RCCBs etc. in distribution boards and consumer units may have historically had their rated current determined after having taken diversity into account but without having considered overload protection of the devices.

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BEAMA Guides

A collection of the latest guides relating to 18th Edition, Hager is proud to be a technical contributor to these guides which provide technical advice on a range of 18th Edition related topics.

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Arc Fault Detection Devices

Arc fault protection devices (AFDD) use microprocessors to identify characteristic current flow and voltage curves that indicate an arc fault and automatically trip the affected circuit.

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