St. George's Hall

Our building automation solution met the lighting control system needs of St George’s Hall in Liverpool city centre.

St. George's Hall

Building Automation Solution | Klik Lighting Connection  

Specified by Building Services Consulting Engineers Hannan Associates, the KNX system is installed as the lighting Control System in the public areas of the building. 

Our  KNX bus system has helped contractors MITIE Engineering Services (North) Ltd solve the modern lighting control system needs of one of the finest Neoclassical buildings in the world, St George’s Hall in Liverpool city centre.
Specified by Building Services Consulting Engineers Hannan Associates, Tebis is installed to control the lighting in the public areas of the building. Two Tebis systems are installed, one for the North wing, which is now complete and programmed, and a second for the future completion of the South wing.
On the North wing, a single twisted pair bus cable provides flexible control across 26 lighting circuits supplied from 5 different distribution boards. A conventional hard-wired system would have had multicore cables running through an estimated 300m2 of corridors and exceptional cable lengths to find alternative routes around 8 foot walls.

"The KNX bus system proved to be the ideal solution for a lighting control system"

John Ludlow, MITIE Engineering Project Manager

Our building automation system has also solved an emergency lighting problem for the public building. Consultants Hannan Associates specified Tungsten filament lighting for decorative and emergency use supplied through a static inverter. A priority input switch, via a phase failure relay, switches on the public area lighting regardless of the local circuit switch position.
St George’s Hall is a grade 1 listed building which prevented MITIE Engineering Services (North) Ltd from installing local light switches, so a multi-gang grid switch controls all the circuits in the North wing. Using Tebis means the grid switches simply tap onto the bus line via input units, rather than having multiple cable connections. Outputs to switch the lighting circuit contactors also tap onto the Tebis bus cable. Both the inputs (switches) and outputs are then assigned addresses and programmed so that certain outputs (or contactors) respond to different inputs (or switches). These switching combinations can be altered or expanded if required at a later date.
Comments MITIE Engineering Project Manager John Ludlow: “Due to the size of St George's Hall, the number of circuits required needed a flexible cabling and control system. The KNX bus system proved to be the ideal solution for a lighting control system being it is financially cost-effective for the general and provides emergency lighting.”

Products used in this case study

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Klik Lighting Connection System

Klik is a secure lighting and control connection system that provides simultaneous mechanical and electrical connection in one plug-in action. Control solutions are provided utilising Hager wall switching, occupancy sensing, the Klik Lighting Control Module and integrating our KNX control products.


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