Auchterellon Primary School

A broad range of our energy distribution solutions, wiring accessories,and lighting connection and control systems have been specified for a major refurbishment project at Auchterellon Primary School in Aberdeenshire.

Auchterellon Primary School

Auchterellon Primary School | Hager Electrical Installations

Dave Strachan, sales engineer here at Hager, highlights a recent school refurbishment project in Scotland, where a comprehensive range of our solutions has helped to enhance and future-proof the busy school’s electrical and lighting system.


A broad range of our energy distribution, wiring accessories, lighting connection and control systems have been specified for a major refurbishment project at Auchterellon Primary School in Aberdeenshire. Built-in 1974, the school’s existing legacy electrical and lighting systems were struggling to keep up with increased demand from users. As a result, the local authority decided to invest in a complete overhaul of the school’s electrical system.


Providing education for more than 400 children in the local area, the school’s open-plan structure, which means there are no individual classrooms, required a lighting system which was not only fully flexible to individual needs but also scalable. The school’s bespoke requirements saw the project’s specification engineer specify Hager’s distribution and panel boards, as well as its market-leading Klik lighting control system. Now in place after a year-long installation project, school managers have the ability to scale up the new system to match the changing requirements of the school should it expand in the future.


"The project was timely and cost-effective with disruption at the school kept to a minimum."

James Douglas

Representative of Aberdeen Council

One of the primary benefits of the project, has been the highly flexible performance capability of the Klik system, which can adjust to daylight levels to deliver an energy-efficient solution to match the school’s requirements. Fully compatible with all DALI control solutions, Klik functionality allows the school to optimise lighting effects such as easily dimming light in specific areas for presentations and school-led activities, or ensuring areas are not lit when unoccupied. Control is simple so that full use of the system is accessible to all staff at the switch of a button.

Klik also provided significant installation benefits. Its plug-in and socket connection options mean that luminaires were simply plugged in in seconds without the need for circuit isolation.  In addition, Klik’s self-wired plugs now provide a highly adaptable solution whenever the system needs to be altered.


This was a significant project for the school and means that its entire energy distribution and lighting control system has been future-proofed.  In addition, the project team had to ensure a smooth installation which minimised disruption to the day-to-day operation of the school.  This meant a high degree of forward planning, including weekend working when the 800 amp panel board was installed to ensure no disruption to staff or pupils. The ease of installation and configuration of the Klik system also helped with the work schedules.


James Douglas who represents Aberdeenshire Council has been impressed with the result of the refurbishment work that was undertaken.  He says: “This was an important project for Auchterellon Primary School.  It ensures that the essential energy distribution and lighting systems are fully up-to-date and can meet the needs of a busy school going forward.  


“The project was timely and cost-effective with disruption at the school kept to a minimum.  We are also highly confident that the decision to specify Hager products ensures the systems installed will deliver the exact performance needs we require now and in the future.”

Products used in this case study

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Klik Lighting Connection

Klik is a secure lighting and control connection system that provides simultaneous mechanical and electrical connection in one plug-in action. Control solutions are provided utilising Hager wall switching, occupancy sensing, the Klik Lighting Control Module and integrating our KNX control products.


Invicta Panelboards

The invicta 3 panelboard range includes 250A, 400A, 630A & 800A panelboards with MCCB incomers. Prewired meter packs allow installers to fit metering into the board. All the internal wiring is included. Installation is fast and simple, thanks to a number of features. 


Sollysta White Moulded

The Sollysta White Moulded wiring accessory range is one of the easiest on the market to install with the shallowest back projection offering more cabling space.

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