Dundee University

Using our KNX lighting control system, McGills installed a single 30V bus line throughout the library extension, as opposed to a conventional hardwired solution that would have used multiple cables.

Dundee University

Dundee University | Building Automation 

McGills Electrical has used our Tebis KNX bus-based system to supply a future-proofed and flexible central lighting control solution for the University of Dundee’s new 6,500m2 library extension.


Using our KNX lighting control system, McGills installed a single 30V bus line throughout the library extension. As opposed to a conventional hardwired solution that would have used multiple cables, all the lighting circuits and switches simply tap onto the bus line via connectors.


Graham Sutherland, project manager for McGill says “Providing a solution for switching several lighting circuits supplied from different distribution boards can be a major exercise.

"We probably saved about 20% labour time using the KNX system."
Graham Sutherland, Project Manager for McGill

“A conventional hardwired solution would have involved multi-core cabling throughout the building, all being terminated into one central grid switching unit. Apart from the logistics of terminating several cables into the correct switch, there is no flexibility to change specifications during the build. Any change in switching control would involve extra cabling.”


Using our KNX each input and output device is assigned an address and then programmed so certain lighting circuits only respond to signals from particular switches. Individual circuits can respond to more than one switch, so an infinite number of switching variations are possible using the system.


The bus system also makes it easy to check the emergency lighting. Someone simply switches off all the lighting circuits to simulate a mains failure for a walk test.


Says Sutherland: “We probably saved about 20% labour time using our KNX compared to conventional hard wiring. More importantly, however, the system gives us the flexibility to change or add to the specification without having to run new cabling throughout the building.”

The new extension provides students with IT and WiFi facilities, integrates other libraries into one central building and provides additional room for research.

Products used in this case study

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Klik Lighting Connection

Klik is a secure lighting and control connection system that provides simultaneous mechanical and electrical connection in one plug-in action. Control solutions are provided utilising Hager wall switching, occupancy sensing, the Klik Lighting Control Module and integrating our KNX control products.


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