Connecting a sub distribution board

To create a connection between main distribution and sub distribution boards in you will need to create at least two boards in the project tree and add a board and devices to each one in the materials section.

In this guide we will be linking the Main distribution board to the Sub distribution board shown in the image below.


hagercad main and sub distribution in project tree


Set your outgoing supply

In the diagram table for the main distribution board, identify which device you want to link to a sub distribution board and change the Output Circuit Type value to Distribution panel.


hagercad selecting output in diagram table


Selecting the incoming supply

In your project tree, select the board you want to use as the sub distribution. This should open the options to select the type of wiring diagrams. Choose the Single line diagram option and wait for the incoming supply window to appear.


Change the ‘Incoming No.1’ supply field to show as a location in the project and then press Next to continue.


hagercad selecting a project location supply in diagrams


In the next screen you will be able to see the device you nominated to be the outgoing supply. Select the device and press OK to complete the process.


hagercad selecting incoming supply using a project location in diagrams


Viewing incoming and outgoing supplies

When you complete the process to connect to a supply within your project, the new sub distribution board will show the following content within the diagram table.


hagercad board showing location of incoming supply


When you switch back to the main distribution board, the device outputting to the sub distribution board will show this information in the diagram table.


hagercad device updated to show as outgoing