We can provide the right solution that meets your specification.

If your en­quiry falls out of the stand­ard of­fer, Tailored Solu­tions can meet your re­quire­ments. 

What are Tailored Solu­tions? 

Tailored solu­tions are a solu­tion based on an ex­ist­ing of­fer with ad­di­tional cus­tom­isa­tion in the form of as­sembly,
steel­work, and group­ing of products to meet your re­quire­ments. All of our solu­tions come with the full backup of the UK fact­ory,
labor­at­ory and sup­port teams provid­ing re­as­sur­ance from a world­wide man­u­fac­turer. 

Engineered solutions

Meet Specifications

Our team are always looking to provide solutions for you that match your requirements, with products which meet the latest product standards (typically BS EN 61439), giving you peace of mind when they are incorporated into your project. 

Engineered solutions

Quick Installation

The assembled boards we provide speed up installation time on site, reduce storage requirements, and remove the time spent searching for the correct components to construct the board. 

tailored electrical solutions

Compliant Solutions

You will benefit from a factory assembled board which complies with BS EN 61439, has been verified by the manufacturer and issued with EU declaration of conformity. 

Arc Fault Detection 

Extra protection. Extra peace of mind.

The 18th Edi­tion of BS 7671 re­com­mends the use of AF­DDs to provide ad­di­tional pro­tec­tion against fire.

Our Tailored Solu­tions team can help you im­ple­ment AF­DDs in res­id­en­tial or com­mer­cial pro­jects.


Harmful Arcs

Arc Fault Detection Devices provide greater peace of mind to building owners and operators by protecting the building and its occupants from electrical fires caused by electric arcing. The technology allows the protection device to identify the signature of a harmful electric arc and disconnect the supply before a fire can start.

AFDD Solution

Our AFDD offer

Our Arc Fault Detection Devices complying with BS EN 62606 form the basis of our offer. However, when combined with our distribution systems, provide a solution which has been rigorously tested and validated to offer optimum protection against the harmful effects of dangerous electric arcs. Hager devices are a two module combined AFDD/MCB, with a comprehensive range.

Multi-residential Solution

When designing electrical installations you need to follow BS 7671:2018 in conjunction with the specification and with a solution that you can be confident in. Our Arc Fault Detection Devices and enclosure systems ensure that where specified you can meet the requirements of BS 7671:2018 and be confident in a proven, safe solution which is easy to install.


We have a variety of services we offer to accompany our tailored solutions. 

Engineered solutions

Double Marking

Each electrical connection is made to the correct torque setting and indelibly marked by the operator. This is then double checked by a colleague and marked for a second time. The initials of both parties are recorded on the test label. This gives you absolute confidence that all connections are robust. 

Custom Labelling

Labelling of internal cabling and identification of circuits helps ensure the easiest / fastest installation. Additionally, we have plastic or traffolyte labelling available.


All internal cabling completed by Hager has cable identification markers and cable management as standard, giving a neat cable solution coupled with easy identification of conductors for the installation and maintenance of the board.


With increased emphasis on metering driven by the building regulations (part L) the requirement to add metering into distribution boards is increasingly common. This may require the use of meters, CTs, fuses and cable harnesses. Our team offer solutions where this is pre-installed, connected and tested in our factory. 

Surge Protection Fitted

The 18th edition put extra emphasis on the requirements for surge protection with guidance on cable size and length when installing. To ensure that these requirements are met  the surge protection can be factory installed. 

Power and lighting board

The requirement for metering in distribution boards is becoming increasingly common with the lighting and power loads needing to be separately monitored. In addition to our standard range of power and lighting boards we have created a number of bespoke solutions.   

Hager power and lighting board

Bespoke Steelwork

Due to our UK-based manufacturing and design capabilities we are able to provide alterations to steel work to suit the requirements of your project. 

Electrical engineered solution

Pre-assembled Enclosures 

Your distribution board can be supplied with all outgoing devices, blanks, meters, surge protection etc. factory fitted. 

Pre-assembled Enclosures

Fuse Combination Switches 

Fuse Combination Switches give an option to provide a permanent supply to essential circuits even when the main board is isolated. Connected to the incoming side of the main switch the FCS allows the dedicated circuit to be controlled independently of the main board.

Electrical tailored solutions

Testing & Validation 

Tested, veri­fied and com­pli­ant. 

Every tailored solu­tion from us comes as a tested as­sembly to the rel­ev­ant part of BS EN 61439. With each tailored solu­tion, we take re­spons­ib­il­ity for the design, veri­fic­a­tion and the EU de­clar­a­tion of con­form­ity 

Testing and validation


Tested and can ship directly to your site   

We can ship your tailored solu­tion dir­ectly to you, re­mov­ing the ex­tra load­ing and un­load­ing through the whole­saler. Our solu­tions are fully built and tested be­fore be­ing shipped, tak­ing into ac­count the ship­ping re­quire­ments, as well as how the board will be trans­por­ted to site. Large linked en­clos­ures can be split onto sep­ar­ate pal­lets to make trans­port­a­tion onsite easier. 


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