Lighting Control in Ashby Office

Ben Byram, Account Manager for Klik worked closely with MSE contractors and the customer to specify and design an appropriate solution to meet the lighting requirements of the office space.

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Klik Lighting Control Provides Flexible Solution for Office Building

We worked with MSE Electrical Contractors to install our Klik 7 Pin Lighting Connection system and Klik Lighting Control Module (KLCM) in a two-story office building in Ashby. Ben Byram, Account Manager for Klik worked closely with MSE contractors and the customer to specify and design an appropriate solution to meet the requirements of the project.


To alleviate installation error, the contractor opted to have installation drawings completed by Ben which provided a clear overview of which products were being installed in each room. When installing KLCM, the equipment was colour coded, allowing the contractor to see which channel they should be plugging the equipment into. This complimentary service eliminates any chance of confusion and gives those involved valuable insight into what to expect once the product installation is complete.

"Having worked closely with the contractor, after a number of meetings and design changes, we were able to evolve the initial design to best suit the customer’s requirements."

Ben Byram

Klik Key Account Manager at Hager

Utilising our KLCM system, we were able to provide a scene-setting solution in the board room of the office, which provided flexibility for a variety of lighting needs. From the design to specification, down to the installation stage, Ben ensured that the lighting specifications were continually meeting the requirements of the project. In addition to saving time on site, labour costs were also reduced due to the hard-wiring of the Klik System throughout the office. 

Jamie Richards, MSE Contractors says, “Ben was very helpful from start to finish, going the extra mile and coming out to site to provide a full demo to the client. The kit was intuitive to fit and felt of good quality.”


Using our prefabricated wiring system, Klik 7 Pin, MSE Contractors were able to save approximately 50% on lighting installation time, when compared to standard wiring systems. In addition, by using ‘plug and play’, the prefabricated wiring allows the lighting configuration to adapt to the needs of future design needs.



Products used in this case study

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Klik 7 Pin

Marshalling boxes allow the connection and control of multiple luminaries and come in sizes from 4 to 12 ways.

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