Commercial Surge Protection

A thoughtful approach to surge protection.

We have developed a brand new range of dedicated SPD kits, specifically for our Commercial Distribution boards.


Our kits have been created to provide optimum end equipment protection against surge transient voltages after an increased focus on this requirement in the 18th edtion wiring regulations.

Space saving integration

Where required, board designs have been changed to enable all kits to fit within the actual distribution board, rather than in a separate enclosure next to the distribution board. This also allows for the shortest possible connection to the SPD from the incoming supply, providing optimum performance. 

Our SPD kits have the additional benefit of not requiring any additional upstream protection devices, saving more space in the board for protection devices.

Commercial Surge Protection

"Through development testing, we have removed the need to consider many of the application & installation variables that previously made SPD selection and installation complicated."

Integrated Testing


The wiring regulations advise that SPD’s should be selected from one manufacturer to ensure that they work well together. Our Type 1 Panelboard SPDs have been tested to ensure coordination with Type 2 SPDs in TP&N boards.


We’ve developed our boards and SPD kits together and tested the effective performance of how well high voltage transients are managed down to levels that don’t harm electrical equipment.

A solid connection

Through extensive testing we know that removing secondary protective devices, using short conductor paths to SPD’s and replacing cables with solid copper Earth links dramatically improves the effectiveness of the SPD. 

Without these features our testing has shown that common installation variables can easily lead to a very significant reduction in the effective performance of the SPD, potentially leaving surge voltages at a level that can damage end equipment.

Commercial Surge Protection

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