This is an exclusive opportunity we offer that allows installers to share their voice and provide valuable insight that could impact future developments at Hager.

Insight team

What's in it for you?

This is an exciting chance to put your years of experience to use and contribute your recommendations to help shape product concepts and services at Hager. This could entail receiving free product during trial validations, participating in brainstorming meetings,and taking-part in online surveys. For those who apply and get selected, a welcome package full of Hager goodies will be gifted along with the opportunity to have a behind the scenes tour of our UK factory. 


Why join the team?

We value what our customers think and what they have to say. Joining our Insight Team is a great way to get more involved in the industry and make a difference. 


First look at new products


Members of this Insight Team get the unique opportunity to contribute their years of experience and provide valuable feedback on new products and ideas. 


Product trials


Some of the projects we may ask of our Insight Team is to test our products before they get launched into the market. This could include us sending product(s) to our Insight Team to trial and provide us with feedback and recommendations


Work with our product development teams

Work alongside our product development teams to brainstorm ideas and concepts for products and services at Hager. 


Things to Note: 

  • The membership is ongoing, with the option to opt-out anytime

  • May be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement

  • Participation in all activities is optional

  • Travel will be compensated