Direct and terminal connections

Changing connections

When you first create a new diagram all devices will be show with a terminal block connection. To update the connection, select one or more devices and press the Connection button in the ribbon menu.


hagercad diagram connection options button


In a new window you have the following connection types to choose from. Options are:

  • Direct
  • On terminals
  • On terminals except PE
  • On terminals except N and PE


Terminal block calculation

When you choose to keep terminal connections, use the terminal block calculation option in the ribbon menu to quickly configure your connections.


hagercad terminal block calculation button


Using the Terminal block calculation feature will open a new window displaying all devices with terminal connections. The simplest way to allocate terminal blocks is to use the ‘Add terminal blocks’ button. This feature will automatically add device relevant terminal blocks to your bill of materials and produce a new ‘Terminal block plan’ document.


hagercad terminal block calcuation settings screen



The terminal block message

If you have terminal connections, but not yet configure your terminal connections, and select another location or board in the diagram section, or if you choose to move to another section within hagercad.pro, you will receive the following reminder message:


“The cable and terminal information is not complete for [x]. Configure terminal block calculation or ignore and continue.”


hagercad terminal block calculation message


Selecting the 'Terminal block calculation' option provides quick and easy access to the terminal block settings detailed above.


The 'Ignore and continue' option skips this step, allowing you work on other aspects of your project.