CIBSE roundtable debate sparks discussion around modular building

As part of our partnership with CIBSE Journal, we’re delighted to have sponsored its recent roundtable debate which explored how to deliver smarter homes using modular building methods.

Held at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, we were joined by several industry experts from across the supply chain, including our very own residential market manager, Jane Yorke.

Throughout the roundtable debate the conversation touched upon a number of key considerations currently facing the residential market when it comes to offsite construction, including early engagement of specialists, collaboration across the supply chain, and standardisation of products. 

Those at the event agreed that ultimately, while offsite construction is currently experiencing growth, to achieve meaningful change, it will also require a radical shift in mindset and a move away from traditional building practices to become a reality.

Speaking at the event, Jane Yorke said: “I can see that we all need to work more collaboratively, and offsite manufacturing must take a more standardised approach so the supply chain is more robust to support these ventures.”

This short video outlines some of the highlights from the roundtable:


CIBSE Roundtable