B.IQ IR Push Button with Thermostat, 4-Gang, Matt Polar White
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Test and administrative marks, trademarks, brandsEU_ROHS-LOGO__ADMIN-SYMBOL.JPG
RAL colourRAL 9010 - Pure white
Colour of design linepolar white
Colourpolar white matt
Designation syntax: Core designation/functionPush-button
Product descriptionB.IQ IR push-button 4gang with thermostat
Designation syntax: System / brandB.IQ
Designation syntax: Sytem / brand / typeIR
Designation syntax: variant4gang with thermostat
Designation syntax: differentiation feature 2Display
Differentiation characteristic 2 - SalesDisplay
Differentation symbol 2DISPLAY__DIFF-SYMBOL.EPS
Dimensions (W x H)88.5/158.2 mm
Energy efficiency classIV (2%)
Height158.2 mm
Information textIR hand-held transmitter, order no. 2779
Main design lineKNX - Berker B.IQ
Halogen freeNo
Number of buttons4
Operating temperature-5/45 °C
Protection classes/typesIP20__PROTECTION-SYMBOL.EPS
Release issue2.6
Secondary design line(s)Berker B.IQ ; KNX
S-number28 035 61
Suitable for application areasIR ; Temperaturregler
Technical version4gang
Search wordsIR push-buttons with room thermostat and display;Push-button
Application, usageKNX - operating systems
Alarmalarm telegram after disconnection from bus coupling unit 1 bit, 1 or 2 byte
Boxfor installation in single standard wall boxes
Bus coupling unitFor flush-mounted bus coupling unit for B.IQ with thermostat
Button / push-buttonwith 2 additional display buttons
Dimmingarea dimming
Encodingwith button blocking function
Extension unitextension unit for light scene push-button
Functionfor switch, push-button, dimmer, blind and thermostat functions ; with valve protection function ; button help function can be activated
Heatingfor heating and;or cooling mode with;without auxiliary step
Indication / displaydisplay of operating mode, controller lockout, room ; outside temperature, time (clock required) ; LC display with symbols and illumination, switchable via object
IRIR telegram with RC5 coding parameterisable per push-button
LEDwith blue operation LED and 8 white status LEDs (labelling field illumination)
Matching productsfor plastic frames in the same "style" for additional applications, see the Design line B.7 ; for additional products to complement the installation in matching colours ; materials, refer to the Design platform S.1 ; B.x
Objectindicator objects for heating and cooling ; separate window contact object ; object for controller status ; rockers or push-button lockable via object
Operating modecontroller operating modes: comfort, standby, night and frost;heat protection mode
Operationone push-button operation for switching, pushing, shutters and dimming ; blind operating concepts short-long-short and long-short parameterisable
Parameterisationpresence button parameterisable to extend comfort ; end customer display scope parameterisable ; single and two push-button operation parameterisable
Product familyproduct family: push-button
Product type:product type: B.IQ
Programmingprogrammable from ETS2, V1.2a
Protectionwith dismantling protection
Controlfor individual single room temperature control ; for continuous (PI) or switched (2-point) control of max. 2 control circuits ; control parameter for heating ; cooling unit pre-set
Telegramcyclic transmission can also be started via switching object
Temperaturetemperature measurement via internal temperature sensor and ; or external communication object (weighting ratio parameterisable) ; provision of the internal temperature value via communication object
Text display / messagetext display (ASCII-format)
Timerswith room temperature timer and 2-week timer functions
Updatewith flash-controller technology
Value transmittervalue transmitter for dimming, position, brightness and temperature values 1 and 2 byte
Width88.5 mm
Width of rail mounted device (RMD)0 modules
Sales status3C
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