Branding guidelines

Download the Hager logo in a range of file types and read our guidelines on how to use it.

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Download the Hager logo in either .jpg, .png and .eps file types.

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  • Hager logo .eps

    EPS files can be scaled to any size without loss of quality, for use in professional editing software.

    eps1.11 MBEPS
  • Hager logo .jpg

    This JPG file is only for use on a white background. 
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  • Hager logo .png

    PNG files are perfect for use on the web and feature transparency around the logo.
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How to use the Hager logo - Guideline


The Hager logo consists of two elements; woodmark and double dot. These two elements are always used together. Do not change the colour of the Hager logo.



If placed on images or coloured background, the Hager logo should always be used in the inverted version. Legibility should be guaranteed. The positive version is only used on white or light backgrounds.



The logo should never be changed in form/proportion or spelling.



The black Hager logo should only be used in exceptions and always on a white area.



Here are some further examples of how to use and not use the Hager logo.