Relay 16A, 1NO+1NC, 12V~50Hz
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Sales status3C
Number of modules1
Local operation/hand operationYes
Acceptable current load with AC7 category A16 A
Acceptable current load with AC7 category B5.5 A
Width of installed product17.85 mm
Thermal rated current outside of housings16 A
Frequency50 Hz
Protection index IP2
Rated current16 A
Can be accessorizedYes
Inrush power absorbed10.7 VA
Operating consumption2.9 VA
Height of installed product83 mm
Tightening torque1,2Nm
Device familyERL
With slide for manual switchYes
Search wordsInstallation relay;Mini contactor;Rail mounted device;Contactor;Control contactor;AC contactor;
Electric endurance in number of cycles30000
Connection cross-sect. rigid cable1 ; 10mm²
Time of response when opening15 ms
Type of contacts1NC+1NO
Type of order Relay
Command voltage AC12 V
DC control voltage0 V
Rated operational voltage Ue230 V
Rated insulation voltage250 V
Rated impulse withstand voltage4 kV
European directive WEEEconcerned
Max. power with fluorescent parallel lamps490 VA
Storage temperature-40/80 °C
Operating temperature-10/50 °C
Number of mechanical operations100000
Connection cross-sect. flexible conductor1 ; 6mm²
Max. power with incandescent lamps1100 W
Connection cross-section of the control cable solid1/10 mm²
Power loss per contact1 W
Contact rating with 230 V in AC7 category A3 kW
Contact rating with 230 V in AC7 category B880 W
Time of response when closing25 ms
Max. load fluorescent lamp570 VA
Total power loss under IN3.9 W
Depth of installed product60 mm
Power dissipation per coil2.9 W
Fluorescent lamps in duo circuit1200 VA
Quantity of NC contacts1
Quantity of NO contacts1
Max cable connect. cross section (flexible) for control1/6 mm²
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Product environmental profile for ERL218 53 kbpdfDownload
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