Relay 16A, 2NO+2NC, 24V~50Hz
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Sales status3C
Number of modules2
Local operation/hand operationYes
Acceptable current load with AC7 category A16 A
Acceptable current load with AC7 category B5.5 A
Width of installed product35.75 mm
Thermal rated current outside of housings16 A
Frequency50 Hz
Protection index IP2
Rated current16 A
Can be accessorizedYes
Inrush power absorbed21 VA
Operating consumption3.4 VA
Height of installed product83 mm
Tightening torque1,2Nm
Device familyERD
With slide for manual switchYes
Electric endurance in number of cycles30000
Connection cross-sect. rigid cable1 ; 10mm²
Time of response when opening15 ms
Type of contacts2NC+2NO
Type of order Relay
Command voltage AC24 V
DC control voltage0 V
Rated operational voltage Ue400 V
Rated insulation voltage440 V
Rated impulse withstand voltage4 kV
European directive WEEEconcerned
Max. power with fluorescent parallel lamps490 VA
Storage temperature-40/80 °C
Operating temperature-10/50 °C
Number of mechanical operations1000000
Connection cross-sect. flexible conductor1 ; 6mm²
Max. power with incandescent lamps1100 W
Connection cross-section of the control cable solid1/10 mm²
Power loss per contact1 W
Contact rating with 230 V in AC7 category A3 kW
Contact rating with 230 V in AC7 category B570 W
Time of response when closing25 ms
Max. load fluorescent lamp570 VA
Total power loss under IN5.4 W
Depth of installed product60 mm
Power dissipation per coil3.4 W
Fluorescent lamps in duo circuit1200 VA
Quantity of NC contacts2
Quantity of NO contacts2
Max cable connect. cross section (flexible) for control1/6 mm²
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