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Online ordering now available with Hager, exclusively to Hager distributors.

Enjoy the perks

Free next-day delivery

All orders placed before 12pm will be delivered the next working day at no extra cost.

No minimum order charge

Need a pallet? or just one box? Don't be penalised for ordering a one off. Make the most of free next day delivery with no minimum order charges.

Skip the queue

All orders made on Hager Now will go directly to our warehouse team, skipping the standard order queue and ensuring the stock you see online is what you get.

Features & Benefits

Online ordering

Place your orders online, wherever you are, on any device.

Check stock

Hager Now is connected directly to our stock control systems, giving you direct access to what we have in stock.

Create an order from a CSV file

Create large orders within just a few clicks, leveraging the systems you already have in place.

Discounts applied automatically

Discounts and pallet deals are automatically applied, always get the best possible price.

Confirmations, delivery notes & invoices

Access all historical and future documents relating to your orders.

Tailored access levels

Restrict access where needed, allowing all of your team members to make the most of Hager Now.

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Hager Now
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